DNN Analytics by Google

WebDesigny DNN Analytics module allows you to show charts and data from Google Analyics into DNN.

Price: $19.99

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The modules allows you to see important information from your Google Analytics account, such as:


- Users
- Sessions
- Page Views
- Devices 
- Countries 


Google API Secret Key

In order to use this module you must create a Google API Secret Key and copy the key to the module settings:

Steps to create the Google API Secret Key:


1) Login to https://console.developers.google.com and create a new project.


2) Click on Enable API and select Analytics API


3) Click Create credential and select OAuth clientIDs:

4) Edit the new credential and dowload the JSON file.


5) Edit the JSON file and copy the content into the module settings:


View Settings

You also need to setup the view ID into the module settings in order to have access to the data. You can find your Google Analytics View ID by going to Google Analytics and then Admin: